Moose Juice Car Air Freshener




Your car is about to smell like awesome.

What does awesome smell like, we hear you ask? It smells like this Moose Juice air freshener. If you want your car to smell awesome, you know what to do – add this bad boy to your cart right now and you’re half way there.

When your delivery arrives, it’s time for the second half of activities to kick off. Grab your air freshener, get your car keys and head out to your car. Unlock the door and open it (we’re with you every step of the way here – no room for error when it comes to car freshness). Loop the Moose around your rear view mirror and car freshness will be yours in no time!

Know someone who has a car that smells less than great? Be a good friend and get the Moose Juice air freshener for them – their car will smell great and be perfectly accessorised thanks to you!

Why limit to your car? You can hang Moose Juice air fresheners in wardrobes, gym lockers, bathrooms – anywhere you think people should sniff and go “wow, that smells awesome!”


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